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James F. O'Bryon

James F. O'Bryon at the O'Bryon Group possesses perhaps the most thorough knowledge of any person in America of the vulnerabilities and lethalities of our nation's conventional weapons and platforms based on years at the Pentagon and his position as Director of Live Fire Testing and work with the Department of Defense.

His research for the Department of Defense in Live Fire Testing is recognized throughout the Defense community.  His work ongoing work as a business consultant is used throughout the Department of Defense, the Pentagon, and for the Department of Homeland Defense.

If you need a business consultant for defense consultation you need to call James F. O'Bryon.

Why Contact The O'Bryon Group?

Because of their knowledge, expertise and experience in national security, homeland defense, testing and technology, and the demonstrated capability to deliver a quality product.


  • Technical competence in Mathematics (BS), Operations Research / Systems Analysis (MS, George Washington University) and Electrical Engineering (MS, MIT).

  • In-Depth knowledge of Ballistics and Conventional Weapons across all Military Services with 21 years experience in assessing their effects.

  • Top down understanding of how the Pentagon operates, having served under 7 different Secretaries of Defense a Senior Executive for over 15 years in the Office of the Secretary of Defense.

  • Personal knowledge of how the US Congress operates having personally interacted with them over every administration from 1986 through tthe present and testified before them on several occasions on Defense and Homeland Security issues.

  • Perhaps the most thorough knowledge of any person in America today of the vulnerabilities and lethalities of our nation’s conventional weapons and platforms having served just over 15 years as the first Director, Live Fire Testing, a position created by the U.S. Congress in 1986.

  • First hand understanding of the Nation’s needs in Homeland Security, serving with the National Academies of Science addressing issues related technologies necessary to make the nation’s transportation more secure.

  • Experience in leading special studies, teaching at the Defense Acquisition University and the University of Texas, and giving major presentations at national and international conferences.

  • National recognition for knowledge of test and evaluation, chairing the National Defense Industrial Association’s Test and Evaluation Division for the past decade and chairing over 20 defense conferences during this period.

  • International recognition by both the private and public sectors for outstanding achievement and public contributions the Nation.

Call us today at 443-528-2711 or click here for general contact information.

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