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    Publications and Articles by
    James F. O'Bryon

    Policy Studies

    "A Fortiori Analysis of Proposed SALT II Treaty, Systematic Policy Analysis, MIT, December 1974

    "Pressures in the Innovation Process: A Critical Literature Review", Sloan School, MIT, December 1974

    "Research Seminar: The Federal Budget", MIT, 1974

    "A Profile of the Users of the United States Patent System", MIT, August 1975

    "Live Fire Test and Evaluation Guidelines", OSD, May 1987

    "Live Fire Test and Evaluation Guide", (Coauthor), June 1989

    "Contributing to Weapon Systems Acquisition, Report on FY89 Activities", (Coauthor), DDDR&E(T&E), November 1989

    "Live Fire T&E Capabilities Improvements", Written Under LFTO Contract with Battelle & Wackenhut, 200 page report on LFT&E Range / Model / Target Capability, April 7, 1992

    "Technology Development Plan for Alternatives to Ozone-Depleting Substances (ODCs) for Weapon System Use", (Coauthor), DDR&E, OSD, May 1993

    "DoD Master Plan for Target Interaction, Lethality and Vulnerability (TILV) Science and Technology (S&T) Programs, Volume I, Classical Ballistic Threats", (Coauthor), September 22, 1994

    "DoD FY98 Master Plan for Target Interaction, Lethality and Vulnerability (TILV) Science and Technology (S&T) Programs, Volume II, Directed Energy Weapon Threats", (Coauthor), February 10, 1998

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