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    Publications and Articles by
    James F. O'Bryon

    Educational and Training Materials

    "Live Fire Test and Evaluation", (Coauthor), Training Video, September 1990

    "Living with Live Fire Testing: Understanding LFT&E Guidelines Training Video", Recorded in Pentagon 3D1084, September 23, 1994

    "JLF Lessons Learned Video", (Coauthor), Released June 1995

    "Live Fire Test and Evaluation and Soldier Survivability", Syllabus for Soldier Survivability Course, King Publishing, Crystal City, VA, December 1995

    "Executive Test and Evaluation Management Student Notebook", (Author of all LFT&E and Ethics Curricula), DSMC, TST 301, June 1996

    "Aircraft Survivability Course: Live Fire Testing", (Coauthor of Syllabus), Naval Postgraduate School (NPS), Monterey, CA, April 1998

    "Operational Effectiveness & Suitability, Live Fire Testing, Test and Evaluation Lessons (CD)", (Coauthor), Revised OT CD-ROM Course with LFT Module, DTEPI, Pt. Magu, CA, June 5, 1998

    "CD-ROM, Operational Effectiveness and Suitability, Live Fire Testing", (Coauthor), DTEPI, CD-ROM produced by TRW, Albuquerque Test, Engineering Services and Training Office, July 1998

    “CD ROM on LFT&E and OT&E, October 1999

    "LFT&TI Video Update", Videotaped at NAWC TSD, Orlando, FL November 2, 1999

    “Introduction to Live Fire Test and Evaluation Training Video”, IAP, University of Texas, Fall 2001

    “Live Fire Test and Evaluation Three Day Short Course Syllabus”, International Test and Evaluation, Association (ITEA), October 2003

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