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    Publications and Articles by
    James F. O'Bryon

    Conference Proceedings / Authored Papers

    "Estimation of Precision of Smoke / Obscurant Measurements and Product Variability", Proceedings of Smoke Symposium V, April 1981

    "On-Board Armor Smoke Assessment: Payoff and Tactical Implications", (Coauthor), (Secret), Proceedings of Smoke Symposium VI, April 1982

    "Revision of Obscurants Effectiveness Manual, Proceedings of Smoke Symposium VII", April 1983

    "The Non-obscuring Effects of Smoke Munitions", Proceedings of Smoke Symposium VII(?), April 1984

    "Combat Environments Obscuration Handbook", (Coauthor), Proceedings of Smoke Symposium VIII, OPM Smoke/Obscurants Technical Report DRCMP-SMK-T-001-84, Volume 1, pp 1-802, April 1984

    "Feasibility of Tires as Ballistic Protection", Proceedings of the U.S. Army Survivable Tire Symposium, Carson City, NV, November 4 - 7, 1985

    "Battle Damage Data Sources: Combat Resiliency Key", Proceedings of Annual Reliability and Maintainability [RAM] Symposium, 1986

    "The Non-Obscuring Effects of Smoke Munitions", Proceedings of Smoke Symposium X, April 1986

    "Proceedings & Report of the Second Defense Fire Protection Association [DFPA] Symposium and Materials and Technology Exposition", Defense Fire Protection Association, February 1988

    "Proceedings from Tenth ADPA Survivability/Vulnerability Symposium", May 1988

    "Live Fire Testing of Military Aircraft", AIAA Symposium Proceedings, February 1989

    "Proceedings of the Live Fire Test Crew Casualty Assessment Workshop [CCWG]", Groton, CT, April 7, 1989

    "Proceedings of A/C Test and Evaluation Workshop", Monterey, CA, June 1989

    "Proceedings of Workshop on Standards for Interoperability of Defense Simulations (Keynote Paper)", January 1990

    "Smoke & Obscuration: So What?", Proceedings of Smoke Symposium XIV, April 1990

    “Non-Quantifiables in Crew Casualty Combat Modeling", Proceedings of the 58th Military Operations Research Symposium [MORS], West Point, NY, June 1990

    "Smoke and Obscuration: So What?", Proceedings of the Smoke/Obscurants Symposium XIV, November 1990

    "Department of Defense Live Fire Test Challenges and Opportunities", Proceedings of the 41st ADPA Bomb & Warhead Technical Meeting, May 1991

    "Crew Action Impact on Attrition Models", Proceedings of the Military Operations Research Symposium [MORS], West Point, NY, June 1991

    "Proceedings of 62nd Shock and Vibration Symposium [SAVIAC] Volume III (Coauthor)", February 1992

    "Model Verification, Validation and Accreditation", Smoke Symposium Proceedings, Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory (APL), March 1993

    "Platform Vulnerability Test and Evaluation Symposium Proceedings", ITEA, Doubletree Hotel, Arlington, VA, November 16 - 17, 1993, pp 11 - 49

    "MORS/ITEA Proceedings, How Much Testing is Enough?", Williamsburg, VA February

    "A Test Concept for Smart Munitions vs. Land Combat Vehicles", ADPA Combat Vehicle Survivability Conference Proceedings, April 1991

    "My DIS-Position", Proceedings of the 11 DIS Workshop on the Standards for Interoperability of Distributed Simulation, Orlando, FL, September 1994

    "Assessment of Crew Vulnerability and Survivability in Combat Modeling", (Coauthor), Proceedings of 15th [ADPA] International Symposium on Ballistics, Volume 2, Jerusalem, Israel, May 21 - 24, 1995, pp 51 - 64

    "Risk (Cost) Benefit Analysis & Gresham's Law", MORS Proceedings, Annapolis, June 1995

    "New Directions and Initiatives in Live-Fire Test & Evaluation", T&E Acquisition Reform Conference Proceedings, Technical Marketing Society of America [TMSA], Crystal City Marriot, Arlington, VA, November 1995

    "Vulnerability Modeling, Where We Are and Where We'd Like to Be", Proceedings, 16th International Ballistics Symposium and Exhibition, Volume 3, Vulnerability, Terminal Ballistics, September 23 - 27, 1996

    "Proceedings of the 67th Shock and Vibration Symposium (SAVIAC)", Keynote Speech, Monterey, CA, November 18-22, 1996, pp 3 - 34

    "Live Fire Test & Evaluation Reference Materials", "[ADPA] LFT&E Conference Proceedings, "10 Years and Counting", (Coauthor), Livermore, CA, January 13 - 17, 1997

    "Proceedings of the Test Technology Symposium", (Coauthor), Johns Hopkins University, APL, March 1997

    "Modeling, Simulation, Test and Evaluation in the Jaws of the Budget", CD ROM Proceedings, JAWS Conference, Las Vegas, NV, June 1997

    "Proceedings: Modeling and Simulation to Support Environmental Technology Transition: Information Exchange on Environmental Risk Analysis Process Modeling and Cost Analysis", (Coauthor), Published by Concurrent Technologies Corporation, Johnstown, PA, October 1997

    "Proceedings of the 68th Shock and Vibration Conference (SAVIAC)", (Coauthor), November 1997

    "Smoke in Transition", Keynote Address, Smoke / Obscurants Symposium XX Proceedings, April 1998

    "We Hold These Truths to be Self-Evident: 'MASTER' Theme", JAWS S3 Conference Proceedings, Riviera Hotel, Las Vegas, NV, June 1998

    "M&S, Facing Reality [MASTER]", ITEA High Performance Computing Conference Proceedings, July 1998

    "Aircraft Vulnerability to MANPADS, Issues and Answers, Proceedings of MANPADS JTCG/AS and MSIC Conference on MANPADS", (Coauthor), JTCG/AS 99-V-001, SURVIAC-TR-99-006, December 1998

    "Think Globally, Act Globally", Keynote Address, Halon Options Technology Working Conference (HOTWC-99) Proceedings, Albuquerque, NM, April 27, 1999

    "LFT&E and RF Threats", Invited Paper, HPM Conference, Sandia Labs, Albuquerque, NM, May 11, 1999

    "AIAA National Forum on Weapon System Effectiveness Keynote Address", (Edited), Aerospace America, July 1999, pp B-5 - B-6

    "Live Fire Test and Evaluation and the Radio Frequency Vulnerability Testing Mission [RF, DEW]", Coauthored w/ Richard J. Carter, Proceedings of EUROEM 2000, Edinburgh, Scotland, May 2000

    "Live Fire Test and Evaluation Ergonomics Projects", Paper Coauthored w/ Richard Carter, 14th Triennial International Ergonomics Association Congress, San Diego, CA, August 4, 2000 [GLOC, ORCA, Toxic Fumes]

    "Think Globally, Act Globally", Proceedings of Newcastle Symposium on CF3I Keynote Speech, Delivered by Video, Newcastle, Australia, September 5, 2000

    "High Power Microwave Vulnerability Field Test of Telephone Switching and X-Ray Baggage-Screening Technologies", Coauthor w/ Richard Carter and Michael Grothaus, Proceedings of International Conference on Electromagnetics in Advanced Applications (ICEAA 01), September 10 - 14, 2001

    “M&S, Making it Work”, Proceedings of M&S Credibility Workshop II, Reno, NV, March 5, 2002

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