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Books James F. O'Bryon "I FAIL To MISS Your POINT"


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Books by James F. O'Bryon


Nearly 500 pages, and two and half pounds of witticism and wisdom.

Click here to download sample pages [PDF]

Preface, Endorsement, and Table of Contents


For some unknown reason, I have always been intrigued and challenged by interesting anecdotes, humorous stories, plays on words, inspirational stories, sermons and illustrations about everyday life, faith, youth and growing up, and a whole bunch more. As a kid, I loved to hear my mom and dad share stories, many of which had a Biblical application. When I entered Emmaus Bible School (now Emmaus Bible College), I began jotting down some of these stories first on 3x5 index cards and later on my computer. I have been doing so ever since as I have graduated from three other colleges, served in the Army, worked in a research lab, worked as a radio announcer at a couple of radio stations, worked in the Pentagon, communicated online with friends and family, raised 4 kids with my wife Adina and continue to gather inspiration as our 4 grandchildren have arrived.

It wasn’t until I made the decision to publish this volume a short time ago that I began to sort my stack of random stories, anecdotes, quips, quotes and illustrations into subject categories. While the sorting is not well defined by library standards (or anybody else’s), it could be of some help if one is looking for a quote or illustration on a particular topic. A more comprehensive subject index can be found in the Index. I make no apologies for the preponderance of Biblical illustrations, stories and quotes with a conservative political bent. You’ll notice that all biblical quotes use a different type font to help distinguish them from the words of others. While all of the quotes and stories do not represent my personal point of view, many of them do, and I include the others as well here since I felt they would provide a broader perspective on the issues included.

I have indicated the source of each quote where I knew it but there are many entries where I have not listed a source since I have no record of it. Some of these have been gathered from sermons, public speeches, radio listeners, carpool discussions, signs along the road, e-mails from friends and simple one-on-one conversations. Some I have authored myself. If the reader knows the original source for any of the quotes that, as yet, has no credit given or has a misattributed credit, I would very much welcome your e-mail corrections to me at and thanks in advance. You can even call me at 443-528-2711.

My hope and prayer is that these thousands of thoughts will give you a smile, encourage you, challenge you, cause you to think, and most importantly, be an inspiration to you as you live day by day.

Jim OBryon


I Fail to Miss Your Point, Jim O’Bryon’s new book, is packed with 487 pages of quotes, trivia, historical interest, inspiration and wisdom. Even the massive Index is fascinating. (Look for your name; you might be quoted without knowing it.) Miss Alabama, the ACLU, Alexander’s Ragtime Band, Woody Allen, the First Amendment, answering machines, the Apocalypse—they are all there, and that’s just a few of the hundreds of topics under the A’s. And the B’s are better yet. Speakers and writers, especially, will find this trove of treasure worth the read. Jim collected this detritus of humor and human interest over 45 years, and this has yielded a very unusual book. You will be touched by the accidental wisdom and humor of children; surprised to learn of the devotion the American founders had to the Bible; groaning with Jim’s penchant for punny stories; laughing out loud at bumper stickers collected over four decades; and entertained by it all. This is the best book of its kind, a great gift for friends and family, and I can hardly wait for the second volume, which according to Jim, may take another 45 years, but he’s working on it.

--J. Stanley Oakes,
President, The King's College

Table of Contents

  1. Out of the Mouths of Babes
  2. Fundraising and Other Distractions
  3. Our Founding Fathers
  4. Just Plain Funny
  5. Insights for Managers
  6. Let Me Introduce You
  7. Biblical Wisdom
  8. Theology According to Kids
  9. Bumper Sticker Wisdom
  10. Politics and Other Diseases
  11. On the Serious Side
  12. Potpourri
  13. Still Practicing Medicine
  14. The Church
  15. Our Strange but Wonderful English Language
  16. Thoughts on Terrorism/Tyranny
  17. World of Computers
  18. Putting Shoe Leather to Our Faith
  19. Church Humor in Print
  20. God’s Promises
  21. Hope for Tomorrow
  22. Politicians Have Interesting Lives
  23. Ethics & Expediency
  24. Inspirational Stories of Special People
  25. One Liners
  26. Thinking Outside of the Box
  27. Dealing With Maladies
  28. Love, Marriage and Beyond
  29. Animal Crackers
  30. Family Funnies
  31. Shopping Adventures
  32. Promises from the Bible
  33. Thought for Food
  34. Christmas Cheer
  35. Numbers Count
  36. Managing Your Money
  37. Wisdom of the Ages
  38. Enter Technology
  39. Being Politically Correct
  40. Newspaper Confusion
  41. Signs of the Times
  42. Nostalgia Isn’t What it Used to Be
  43. Government / History / Patriotism
  44. Medicine is the Best Laughter
  45. Sports and Fitness
  46. Senior Panic
  47. Encouragement
  48. Thanksgiving
  49. Travel
  50. Power of Prayer
  51. Riddles
  52. Other Cultures & Ethnicities
  53. Logical??
  54. Driving & Other Hazards
  55. Media Bloopers
  56. Education
  57. Sickness & Healing
  58. What’s in a Name?
  59. Legal Beagles
  60. Music
  61. The Weather
  62. Hot Issues
  63. Did I Hear You Correctly?
  64. Various Faiths
  65. 401
  66. Death and Resurrection
  67. That’s a Good Question
  68. Our Fighting Forces
  69. Walk by Faith

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